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Eva Taylor
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Nature Pressed Juicery is a local cold pressed organic juice company. A refreshing alternative to existing juice companies through science-based nutrition and customized plans. This task of making sure their customers understood what they offer, and being health focused and educational, we came up with a campaign plan #FindYourColour with Nature Pressed Juicery.

Your juice, your way.
A juice as individual as you are.

We created a guideline for NJP to follow, bringing clarity and consistency to their brand. Our approach was to highlight their unique formulas and scientific benefits behind their customized plans (#FindYourColour) found on their Dietary Assessment page. Visually, we wanted to leverage the vibrant colours of the juices with striking lifestyle imagery that speaks to their users aspirations. Emphasizing the science component through visual cues such as beakers accompanied by the raw ingredients and botanical elements was also important.

Design inspirations for NPJ came from the idea of the process of creating each juice by hand, and the process, organized mess it may undergo. The design elements consists of: bright colours (matching each juice), chemical structures for each juice category, human presence (Dieticians and Microbiologists) and lab beakers.

Nature Pressed Juicery -Organic Cold Pressed Juice

Nature Pressed Juicery -Organic Cold Pressed Juice
Nature Pressed Juicery -Organic Cold Pressed Juice

Nature Pressed Juicery - Organic Almond Mylk is perfect with coffee

Nature Pressed Juicery -Organic Cold Pressed Juice
Nature Pressed Juicery -Organic Cold Pressed Juice

Nature Pressed Juicery - Watercolour Juice Abstract Design

Original LogoTwo Fifths Column[/ezcol_2fifth_end]

ReDesign of LogoNature Pressed Juicery - Logo ReDesign

Almond Mylk - Product label design for Nature Pressed Juciery by Laura Ramsay DesignNature Pressed Juicery - Promo Cards
Chlorella - Product Photography
Product Photography - chia seeds

Spirulina Product Photography

Nature Pressed Juicery Banner for Farmers Markets by Laura Ramsay DesignNature Pressed Juicery - Organic ingredient flat lay

Get Inkd - Cold Pressed Juice with Activated Charcoal

Skills: Art Direction, Brand & Identity, Environmental, Online & Digital, Packaging, Print