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Established in 2016, Shop Moken is tailored to the Modern Bohemian, whose style is combination of bohemian maximalism and Scandinavian minimalism. We love the clean lines and muted tones of Scandinavian Design but we also love the bright colours, unique textures and the healthy clutter of the bohemian lifestyle.

Shop Moken’s name was inspired by the nomadic, sea based, culture of the Moken People of South East Asia. Much like the Moken People, the Shop Moken lifestyle finds travelling to be of the utmost importance and is rooted in freedom: free to live, breathe and grow.

Our Modern Bohemian lifestyles reflect our sense of style and individuality. Shop Moken is a one stop shop for the Modern Bohemian, as we will bring you a combination of iconic Scandinavain brands as well as a collection of unique pieces that we source in small markets from around the world.

Moken - website on mobile iphone

Moken - website on mobile iphone

Moken - is a modern bohemian online store

Moken - Store front wall sign

Moken - Business Cards

Moken - Tissue Paper
Moken - Pom Pom Blanket with Succulent

Moken Thank You Cards

Skills: Art Direction, Brand & Identity, Online & Digital, Packaging, Print
Client: Moken