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We’re all living our lives in the future, trying to get ahead while forgetting to live in the moment. Our lives become so busy and filled with all the small bits and pieces we feel that makes us happy, but forget about those we love and what really is important to us.

I’ve created IWA9 as a reminder that we all should take a step back from our busy day-to-day lives, and be thankful for what is around us. Family, friends, the outdoors, all which is just at our reach. Living on the West Coast is one of the most serene places to be apart of. The ocean, forests, rivers, and wildlife, we all are one and there’s so much more out there to discover.

There’s so much out there other than ourselves. This is something we all should remember. xoxo.

~ IWA9

IWA9 Bison Cushion | Branding | Art DirectionIWA9 Business Cards | Branding | Graphic Design IWA9 Bison Cushion | Branding | Graphic Design IWA9 Goat Skull Illustration IWA9 Goat Skull Illustration

IWA9 unisex dark tank with peace pipe IWA9 women's light blue tank with bison skullIWA9 Bison Skull Illustration IWA9 Logo on Tshirt IWA9 Mother and Baby Owl Illustration

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Skills: Art Direction, Branding, Print/Tactile
Client: IWA9