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Innovative Glazing Solutions is based out of Kelowna, BC. They serve select high-end clients in the Okanagan to supply and install custom designed glass partitions, showers, guardrails/balustrades, mirrors, residential high-span view windows, architectural feature glass and more.

The approach I took in designing their logo, was to make it bold, not over the top. A modern look utilizing negative space, signifying 3 layered glazed windows as apart of their logo. I wanted to make sure they stood out from their competitors, and at the same time provide a flawless product with strong customer service. Innovative Glazing Solutions uses networks of European and special suppliers to bring previous unknown products to the local market. The boldness of the font, and colour palette reflected in IGS’s custom logo creates an overall feel of professionalism, quality and innovative designs.

Innovative Glazing Solutions - Business CardsInnovative Glazing Solutions - Packaging TubeInnovative Glazing Solutions - Storefront with logoInnovative Glazing Solutions - LogoInnovative Glazing Solutions - Logo Icon Pattern

Skills: Art Direction, Brand & Identity, Online & Digital, Print
Client: Innovative Glazing Solutions