Gentle Fawn

Logo Redesign
Label Design
Brand Playbook
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Art Direction
Creative Director:
Jon Maltby

Gentle Fawn is an apparel brand founded and based in Vancouver, BC. Laura Ramsay Design was hired to rebrand their current look, and to elevate look and feel to their new target market. Gentle Fawn brings femininity into the everyday citizens of the world. At LRD, we built a Brand Playbook which helps guide their business in bringing consistency throughout all mediums and platforms. We update the Gentle Fawn logo, the GFX by Gentle Fawn logo and the intimate by Gentle Fawn. The primary and secondary fonts, colour palette, photography styles, and applications were updated. We determined their core values, personality, voice, for their current target audience.

Gentle Fawn Playbook
Gentle Fawn Playbook
Gentle Fawn Playbook
Gentle Fawn Photography
Gentle Fawn Floral Pattern 2019
Gentle Fawn Photography Style 2019

Voice & Editorial Angle

Gentle Fawn Voice Moodboard
Gentle Fawn Editorial Angle Moodboard

Gentle Fawn PlaybookGentle Fawn Visual Style


Gentle Fawn - Wordmark Guidelines

Gentle Fawn - Intimates Logo Guides


Lifestyle Gentle Fawn - Lifestyle Photography
Model Gentle Fawn - Model Photography

In Studio Product Gentle Fawn - Off Model Product Photography
In Studio Model Gentle Fawn - In Studio Photography

Skills: Brand & Identity, Packaging, Print
Client: Gentle Fawn