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Design Direction
Website Design
Custom Illustrations

Logo Design by Kirsty Tsang


ARC Apparel is a women’s online fashion boutique that aims to empower & educate women so that they align themselves with environmentally responsible brands.

The elements of the identity speak to the brands persona. Confidence. Clean. Sophisticated.

The woman of today knows what she wants and how to get it. She understands her weaknesses and leverages her strengths. She loves every part of her: her flaws and her beauties. And just like how she takes care of herself, she aims to take care of her surroundings. She makes conscious decisions and chooses to align herself with people and brands who are parallel with her thinking.

ARC aims to inspire confidence and positive change. By creating a marketplace for the conscious consumer, we bring together a love for fashion and the planet.


ARC Apparel Logo

ARC Apparel - The Collective ImpactARC Apparel - The Collective Impact

Skills: Art Direction, Branding, Online/Digital
Client: ARC Apparel