Laura Ramsay Design awards 2022 Graphic DesignStudio of the Year 2022 - By Canada Prestige Awards

Laura Ramsay Design is proud to announce that we have been awarded Canada Prestige Awards 2022 Winner, Graphic Design Studio of the Year for by Corporate LiveWire.

The Prestige Awards recognizes small and medium-sized businesses that have proven to be the best in their market over the past 12 months.

Laura Ramsay Design was recognized by the following categories; portfolio submission, positive feedback from their clients, service excellence, quality of the product/ service provided, innovative practices, value, ethical or sustainable methods of working, as well as consistency in performance.


Laura Ramsay Design or LRD specializes in creating graphic designs for digital, print, and branding. We think that’s a pretty good range of services as they even have packaging design, which is pretty rare for many creative agencies at the moment.

They also have nice packages that employ a multi-disciplinary approach to not only make your brand visually interesting but to also kickstart the company’s exposure through digital marketing.

Albeit, these services can take a lot of time as even the shortest timeline for LRD takes 4 weeks. Their more inclusive service packages also take more than 3 months.

We somehow understand why the long timeline is needed though. LRD wants to focus on improving a client’s complete brand identity and doesn’t want to just give a single logo design to clients.

In a rush to start your brand? Sadly, you might need to book 2-3 months in advance just to get LRD’s service.

While we’ve heard from our respondents that there are times that LRD can do rush jobs, you might need to be lucky just to get that opening for rush jobs.

LRD is also an expert on minimalist designs. But it’s gonna be a costly problem if minimalism is not what you’re looking for.

It’s also worth noting that they have a rule about a limited number of revisions. This means that if the final illustration looks different from what you want, it might cost you a lot more money to have it fixed once you go past the revision number.

Exceeding the agreed rounds of revisions means you will need to pay LRD per hour aside from the originally agreed payment. In some cases, that can be pretty expensive.

Despite those cons, LRD is still a solid choice for a graphic design company. The past clients we’ve talked to also indicated that they’re capable enough that the limited number of “free” revisions shouldn’t be a big issue.


We listen to what’s important to our clients, focus on their business strategy and needs to bring their brand to life.


Laura focuses on connecting with each client to fully understand their business needs and goals. Building a healthy working relationship is key to a successful brand launch and continual growth.